Ethics and Legality Exercise

  • Techers Pay Teachers

-This website has proper ethics and legality.  This is because the teachers themselves are putting up the work for wider use.  They also, in some cases, charge for the use of their works.

  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project

-This sight does have legality, because it follows the “fair use” clause rule.  It does this by only allowing works to be used for non-profit and educational purposes.  It is not neccessarily ethical though because it is still putting peoples’ work up for use without paying them.

  • History in Photographs of California Gold Rush

-This site does have good legality because it only allows pictures to be downloaded if it is for non-profit or educational purposes, therefor it falls inline with the “fair use” clause.  However it may not be ethical because it does not credit the photographers or whomever it may have been that contributed the picture.


Week 5 Blog Post

The readings for this week centered around the topic of copyright laws.  In particular, what type of role they play on information featured on the internet.  I found it interesting because I had never really considered the importance of copyright laws on the web.  The internet is such a large place that I imagine it would be very difficult to enforce such things and as a result of this, I am sure there is much stealing that goes on.

I thought the video about the “Amen Break” was very interesting.  Being a fan of hip hop, it was neat to see the role that the sample has played in the genre.  In terms of copyright, it does raise questions about whether or not the laws should be enforced on something so widely used as the break.  It would be hard to do so because it has been sampled so many times that i dont know if it would be possible to enforce copyright rules on everyone who has ever used it.  I do respect the musicians though for allowing others to sample the break and share their artistic vision.