10/29/12 Blog Post

I found the Feltron reports to be quite interesting, though they made my brain hurt a little bit.  The first report I read was the 2010 report, which featured statistics from the life of Nicholas Felton’s father.  Felton’s father must have kept many things on record, because there is an overwhelming amount of statistical data contained within the report.  I guess this would be expected though, as it is a person’s entire life which Felton is reporting on.  In fact, I imagine there were many more facts about his father’s life which were not included within the report.

The other report I read was the 2008 report, which featured statistics regarding Felton’s travel methods as well as various activities (video games, gym time, beach, etc.).  It impresses me that he was able to keep track of all of this information, as I feel most people would have given up on it.  It is interesting to see all the numbers for these activities because it puts into account just how much time we spend doing small tasks like these throughout an entire year.

Overall, I think the Feltron reports were pretty interesting, but I found their style of presentation somewhat confusing.  Im not sure what greater purpose these reports serve overall, as it is essentially insignificant information they are recording.  Although, from the report based on Felton’s father, I do see they can be of importance in collecting significant information about certain figures which may be of future use.


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